Welcome to the virtual home of The Book Art Collective! We are a student-run organization at the University of Arizona consisting of both graduate and undergraduates. Our mission is to education and permeate the community about the beautiful crafts related to the book, including letterpress printing, experimental printing and paper techniques, binding and general bookery shenanigans.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for students at the University of Arizona and members of the local community to learn the arts of the letterpress, the book and paper, too. The mission will be realized through workshops from both resident and visiting faculty, collaborative and individual projects and the various forms of participation and partnering with local events and organizations.

The Collective essentially comprises three types of university organizations. First, it is departmental in its inextricable affiliation with the School of Art. The letterpress lab is located in the School of Art, and the club is primarily run by students within this department. Next, we are instructional in that we educate our members in printing and binding. Finally, The Collective is a special interest organization in that the skills acquired by its members are quite specific and often untaught in academic programs; we seek to fill this void.

This is all possible due to the hard work of our  founder and first president of the Book Art Collective, Margi Kimball!  Margi also created wrote and designed this website. She worked with Jessica Gerlach and John Gialanella to establish the Collective.  She has moved north and east, but you can find her at http://margaretkimball.com/. Thank you Margi!


We are at 1035 Mable Street, Tucson, Arizona. Telephone: 520.626.3068. Free parking after 5 and on the weekends : >



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