The Tucson Festival of Books!

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This weekend, we set up up shop for the first time at the Tucson Festival of Books, a huge gathering with book lovers of all kinds. The festival was held on both Saturday and Sunday, and attracted droves of humans with author appearances, signings, talks, panel discussions and of course vendors.

To prepare for the big event, a group of us got together beforehand with intentions of binding some of the most beautiful notebooks ever to grace earth with their presence. Well…we did bind notebooks, and they were quite lovely, if I do say so.

Using some fresh paper from French, as well as a few of our pastepapers from Curt’s workshop, we made twenty or so pamphlet stitch notebooks, both single and double, hard and soft covers.

After a day of binding, we were ready for the event. We packed up our notebooks and some work from members and set up shop in our booth.

The festival was a really interesting experience for us. Ultimately, the main goal of our being there was to raise awareness of our presence at the university and let humans know about book art in general. At the same time, we did raise some money from donations (notebooks accompanied donations) and promoted an upcoming sale we are hosting with the UA Print Club in April.

Phil was signing his most recent publication, Sanctus Sonorensis, which is totally beautiful and local artist and writer (and member) Alice Vinson had interesting books there too, both blank and filled with content.

So! Overall, the event was a success. We now have a big list of interested humans to whom we will send newsletters and, in the meantime, we will bind more books in preparation for our Book & Print Sale later on this spring. Thanks to all who came by to see us and we look forward to meeting again!