Parking Lot Sale Lettepress Centeral Phx on Sunday Nov 23rd from 8-2

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We are selling out large 12×18 C&P and 10×15 Heidelberg Windmill.

The 12×18 is a fabulous press that has a motor that could power an airplane (kidding!) But the the variable speed is really fantastic and this press is a gem!

The windmill works great as we recently had it tuned up. Prints crisp and clean.

One thing that we are selling but haven’t listed yet (will list this press on Briar Press) is our Vandercook High Speed Motorized Galley Press. It is a motorized galley press and they are hard to find. This is a press that would work great in a teaching facility because you can do volumes of prints. The LA printer’s museum has one that they use for all type of events.

Vandercook HS27 High-Speed Motorized Galley Proof Press
Maximum form: 12″ × 27″
40 proofs per minute. “Can be set to automatically stop twice for each proof (laying and removing paper) or run continuously.” Optional safety stops, automatic washup, foot-operated.

ONE LAST THING-we are have a parking lot sale on Saturday Nov 23rd from 8-2. Lot of letterpress stuff and paper as well!


Cindy Iverson
The Paper Studio + Letterpress Central